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Sambucus canadensis, the American elderberry, is a tall deciduous shrub (some would call it a small tree) that produces a large amount of biomass in its leaves and stems and an incredibly healthy set of berries in large clusters. The flowers of this plant are also commonly harvested for making spirits and food, and Eric is a sucker for an elderflower fritter. The dark berries are high in antioxidants and anthocyanins as well as other healthy secondary metabolites, making this fruit a great way to enhance health.

Hardwood cuttings from this plant are easy to propagate, and there are plenty to harvest from when this multistemmed shrub reaches up to twelve feet in height. While it can tolerate shade, sunnier locations provide more vegetative growth and a higher number of berries. Tolerates wet locations very well, natively occurring near stream banks and near bodies of water. The large pads of flowers provide important food sources for native pollinators, canes provide harborage for overwintering insects, and the drooping habit of tall canes provides cover for many small birds, which makes it an excellent addition for gardeners looking to provide support for native species.

Each $10 bundle of 5 cuttings will be from Johns and a seedling elder we have been growing which has great vigor and wonderful berries even in a deeper shade location. More to come as our collection grows!


Hardy to USDA zone 4

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