About Us

Lally Luck Farm is a small regenerative nursery located in North Berwick, Maine. We focus on cultivating locally grown varieties of more common plant varieties, introducing gardeners to unique perennial vegetables, and reintroducing native species that have been lost to invasives or the favoring of exotics in landscapes. We use these plants as nursery stock and to create products for a more robust personal health.

We grow our plants using the organic methods of the generations that came before us - that means no fancy chemicals or soil additives, ever. Our potted plants, available for local pickup, are planted in biologically active soil and compost with natural mulch to keep moisture in and to send your new plants home with a support network of microorganisms. 


Our Values:

We strive to keep our products from becoming waste, so all of our products come in recyclable or compostable materials. Our packages are padded with recycled newspapers for home goods, and our bare root plants ship in locally sourced sawdust wrapped in recycled feed bags from our neighborhood