Our Community

Below are some of the local businesses we know and love - we think you will too!


TriTown Farmer's Markets - We participate in the North Berwick and South Berwick markets and look forward to seeing you there during the growing season

Sarandipity Soap Co - Sarah is lovely, and so are her soaps and balms! Eric is particularly fond of her beard products.

Cassie's Canning Cabinet - Locally sourced homemade canned and pickled goods with new twists on family recipes

The Mushroom Hut - Niko lives practically down the street from us and has cultivated and responsibly foraged wild mushrooms available

Leave No Trace Refillery - Cyndy runs a mobile refillery in our area and offers a number of lower-impact and waste reduction products in addition to the bulk products she carries

Phil's Crispy Greens - Phil does all his growing and packaging with regenerative principles in mind

Witch Pirate - Magickal and spiritual products and services by two of our closest friends over in Limerick, ME