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Russian Comfrey - Bocking 14

Russian Comfrey - Bocking 14

Symphytum x uplandicum


This herbaceous perennial is a wonderful nectary plant for bees and butterflies. A favorite of permaculturists, this plant is a dynamic accumulator of nutrients and is often used as a green mulch for the rest of the garden or orchard. Our plants can usually be cut back twice during the growing season without losing vigor.

Herbalists have used comfrey, also called "knitbone", in salves and poultices for centuries. While English comfrey is more commonly used, this variety is sterile and will not set seed, making it a more manageable addition to your gardens. We do not recommend ingestion of comfrey due to a high alkaloid content. 

This plant spreads by root divisions! Be sure to plant in a space that will remain undisturbed, as tillage or digging will almost definitely produce more plants. 

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